Kashrut must be observed at all times in the kitchen and throughout the facility. The Rabbi will make all final decisions regarding Kashrut. Please clear date for use of kitchen (and any other room required) with the office; clear time for set up, drop-offs, etc. See HOUSE RULES.

The Kitchen Committee or Synagogue Custodian will inspect the kitchen after clean-up. Caterer will be notified if kitchen is not left in satisfactory condition. Caterers must furnish an insurance certificate. See HOUSE RULES.

1. No one may use the kitchen except a member of the kitchen committee, a trained designee from any branch of the Congregation or an approved caterer with his mashgiah present. Hashgacha, kosher supervision, must be provided by the vendor and approved by the Westville Rabbi.

2. To clear the use of the kitchen, the Office must be contacted at least 72 hours prior to the date requested.

3. After each use, kitchen must be cleaned according to guidelines presented below.

4. NOTHING may be brought into or removed from the Synagogue on Shabbat or holidays.

5. All food and rental items must be clearly labeled to show ownership.

6. After each use, kitchen must be cleaned according to guidelines presented below.

7. All leftovers will be placed in the cooler. Leftovers may be picked up after 10:00 a.m. on the day following a holiday or Shabbat. Leftovers not picked up within two days after event, Shabbat or holiday, will be disposed of.

8. Approved kosher caterers must use their own dishes, glassware, utensils, cookware, serving pieces, coffee service, food carts, etc.

9. The kitchen must be cleaned after each use; following these guidelines:

  • Sinks must be cleaned of all debris.

  • Stoves and ovens must be cleaned.

  • All garbage must be placed in plastic-lined cans. Caterers must put trash in outside dumpster following clean-up.

  • All countertops must be cleaned.

  • Floor must be swept. Food spills/splashes must be cleaned from all surfaces (counters and stovetops, walls as needed).

  • Ovens and burners must be turned off. Lights in ovens must be turned off after use.

  • Turn off kitchen lights and close doors as you leave.