Westville University

Westville University is an educational initiative of the Westville Synagogue that offers dynamic high-level programming to the community, which reflects our commitment to Jewish learning, history, culture, law, and the State of Israel.

The Westville University program comprises 20-25 lectures during the months between September and May of each year. Invited lecturers from all over the world—often academics well known in their field—bring to our shul a direct testimony of today’s vibrant Jewish culture.

The Westville University is sponsored by the Kroopnick family in memory of Irving Kroopnick. The Irving Kroopnick Memorial Lecture is the central event of the program.


Upcoming Events

November 15th

Dr. Liran Yagdar, Yale University
Jews and Muslims - Friends or Foes?
Assessing the History of Anti-Semitism in Islam

November 29th

Professor Michal Bar-Asher Siegal, Ben Gurion University
The Making of a Monk Rabbi:
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and His Cave

December 5th

Rabbi Dr. Fred Hyman
The Myth and Mystery of the Ancient Menorah