Westville Synagogue is an Orthodox religious institution and, therefore, all functions and events held on its property shall be conducted in a dignified manner and in accordance with Orthodox Jewish traditions and customs. The scheduling of all religious observances will take precedence over any individual or organizational events.

1. NOTHING may be brought into or removed from the Synagogue building on the Sabbath or Holidays. No deliveries or setting up may be done on Shabbat, Friday one hour before sundown until Saturday one hour after sundown. Set up must be completed prior to the Sabbath if the event is on Saturday night.

2. The Synagogue kitchen is strictly Kosher and rules for the use of this facility are attached hereto and made a part herein and must be strictly observed. Hahgacha, kosher supervision, must be provided by the vendor and approved by the Westville Rabbi.

3. Only synagogue approved caterers can bring food or drink into the building. Kashrut is strictly observed. The synagogue office 203-389-9513 should be notified 2 days in advance for all deliveries so that the building is open.

4. Washing stations are required when bread is served.

5. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Sanctuary.

6. Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire building at all times.

7. Arrangements for the use of the facilities and for the presence and/or use of employees are to be made with the approval of the House Committee as far in advance as possible.
a. Lessee will be held responsible for any damage done to the Synagogue property by lessee and guests.
b. The Congregation shall not be liable for damages by reason of its failure to furnish heat, air conditioning or other services in emergencies arising beyond its control.
c. The Congregation shall not be responsible for any injury to persons attending, damage to personal property or loss of personal property.
d. The Congregation shall have the right to have one or more of its authorized representatives present at any function.
e. Lessee shall hire security personnel for events at which children will be present.

8. Vendors, service providers, caterers and entertainers hired by lessee must provide an endorsed Certificate of Liability Insurance, naming as an additional insured, using the following wording, “The Additional Insured Endorsement shall cover Westville Synagogue for claims arising from the Named Insured’s operations.” Additionally, Westville Synagogue requests a copy of the vendor’s insurance policy.

9. The user should clearly present in writing requirements for the event, including a diagram of each room used at least one week in advance. This will allow the custodian to set up the spaces during normal working hours failure to do so will result in an additional charge.

10. All events require a $200 deposit that will be refunded if the building is clean at the end of the event.


1. The use of the Synagogue facilities on the Sabbath and Holidays is restricted to religious functions, related social activities and purely Jewish cultural purposes. Shabbat observance prohibits music and the use of Cell phones and microphones.

2. No individual or group shall perform any work or conduct any business on the Sabbath or Holidays.

3. No photographs may be taken on Shabbat.