It's Hockey Time! Saturday 1/13 at 7pm, Yale vs. Colgate.

Now that we've had our first snow of the season, it's time once again for the annual shul outing to watch the Yale Ice Hockey team completely destroy whomever is foolish enough to challenge them! 
Last year was lots of fun for kids both young and grown, and we're looking forward to another great time this year! 

We are currently signing up people to purchase tickets, and need a firm head count before tickets can be bought. Tickets are $15/person.

Sign up using the form below to get in on what promises to be a great night of fun and near-certain Yale victory! Payment is accepted by credit card (see form on the right), personal check, body check, and hip check, but cross-checking will get you two minutes in the penalty box.


Want to pay using a credit card?

Please use the form below to complete your payment. Please note, there is cost to the Shul to process your credit card payment. We hope you will consider choosing to pay with the fee included to help us offset these additional costs. We thank you for your continued support!

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Contact Elchanan Baine at
or Barbara Zalesch at 203.387.9666,